These are our most frequently asked questions that we hear from students. We have comprised the most important questions and answers to help you in understanding the field of home inspections and our training program. Please click the questions below to learn more.

First off the cost and time. Our course is one of the most affordable around, offering flexible payment options. We are one of the few schools that conduct virtual hands-on training as well as ongoing support, mentorship and distance learning. There is no home inspection school in North America that supports its students as much as we do.

The Holmes Academy course is recognized by the State of Florida and all Canadian provinces, and is based and audited under the National Occupational Standards for licensing and certification.

As one of North America's largest schools, The Holmes Academy has received course approvals, recognition and accreditations by the largest national and most recognized government-approved associations.

Our course is 225 hours in total, but students learn at their own pace.

Almost 95% of all home inspector's work comes from Real Estate agents. The good thing about this is that you do not have to sell home inspections to them, as they know what we do and home inspections is often required in most home sales. We provide detailed training on how to set up a business that can work with agents and other companies to set you up for success.

It is preferable to have building-related or some mechanical knowledge, but we guide our students every step of the way in all areas of home inspection including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and much more. 

The Holmes Academy has trained hundreds of successful inspectors across North America since 2007.

As mentioned earlier we monitor our student's progress continuously after our course but on the average and depending if the student will be inspecting part-time or full-time it can take from 1-3 months from course completion to working for real money in the industry.

There are no further costs involved with our training program, however there are costs involved for licensing, association registration, purchasing your first tool kit etc.

Getting started is easy - simply register for our government-approved and recognized course. Upon completion of registration and deposit, we will set you up with your own online account to access our Student Learning Portal.

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Become a home inspector

Join a multi-billion dollar industry

Home inspection is a great career choice, including a high-income potential, flexible schedules and the ability to work for ones self.

The top reasons why you should choose in becoming a Home Inspector:

  • The average home inspector makes over $70,000 per year, with many making well over $100,000
  • High demand for home inspectors across the United States and Canada
  • You work for yourself with a flexible schedule
  • Not physically demanding
  • Full support from our school on setting up your business
  • High job security
  • Low start up cost

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